Reflections on 60 Years of Promotions

This past September, WSP International celebrated 60 years of supplying promotional programs to retailers, consumer packaged goods clients and a host of others. Having been part of that accomplishment for more than half of those years, I wanted to share my thoughts on just some of the things that helped us get to 60 years.


If you are not passionate about the product or services that you offer, your clients are going to pick up on that immediately! So if you are not passionate about your business, try to find one that you can be passionate about.


Clients have to know that you are going to be there for them.  Business doesn’t always run smoothly. But if your clients know that you are going to be there for them (and not just for one project, but for the long haul), problems can be solved and you will have a client that will stay with you indefinitely.


Don’t be afraid to offer new solutions.  But when you do, make sure that you have drawn on as many successful tried and true solutions as you possibly can. In the promotional business there is an old adage:  there are very few brand new promotions, just reworked ideas that are better executed for today’s market.

Hard Work

Presentations should be 80% preparation and 20% presentation. Know everything about your client that you can.  Don’t make assumptions.  Ask the right questions. Research, research, research.

Respect Your Client’s Time

In today’s world we just cannot expect to be able to have face to face meetings like we were able to 10 years ago. But we have a host of communication devices that we did not have 10 years ago, either. From teleconferences to web based meetings, to email to couriers. Use the ones that work best for your client.  Help them fit you into their busy schedules.

Follow the Golden Rule

When you are in the client’s office, you are working for your company.  When you are in your office, you are working for the client.   It’s never easy.  At your office, you will have many bouts of conflict, when your mind set is that you are working for your client. At the client’s office, it’s your responsibility to your company to be firm but fair.

Listen. Understand.  And deliver the value proposition that your client needs and wants!

Celebrating 60 Years of Passion for Promotions

September, 2016 marks WSP’s 60th Year of delivering successful and effective promotions for our clients and we have done it with a Passion for Promotions! That’s something that we’re very proud of and a milestone that we wanted to share.

Yes, we’re proud of the fact that we are celebrating 60 years, but more important, we’re excited about the future!  Whether it’s creating an outstanding new game promotion, delivering a powerful, engaging loyalty program or sourcing an exciting new promotional product, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to support our clients’ brands and look forward to many more years of promotional sales building, creativity, execution and support!

Frankly, our clients have kept us so busy, we’ve often had a hard time keeping our own branding up to the level we demand for our clients’ promotions.  But, be on the look-out – you are going to be seeing some great, new “looks” from WSP in the future! And as always, we’re committed to raising the “service level” bar that our clients have come to expect from WSP.

Most important, we want to thank all of our clients and our friends! Without you, 60 Years would not have been possible!

Here’s a look at the history of sales promotions at WSP from 1956 to today!