Social Media Game Promotion Guidelines

Social Media Game Promotion Guidelines

Social Media is a great tool to take advantage of when running a contest as you are able to create awareness and online visibility. More importantly, it’s free! Here is a run down of the social media game promotion guidelines for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Please note that these networks periodically change their rules and regulations so it is important to check with their guidelines before launching your contest.

It is also important to note that in order to run any successful promotion, you should always create a set of official rules, set time limits, obey any state/provincial laws in regards to bonding the contest and indemnify winners.  And most importantly, have amazing prizes, announce winners with fan-fare and monitor your promotion all the way through.  If you need help with your contest or rules, contact the experts at WSP!

Facebook Game Promotion Guidelines: 

Facebook is a great way to collect entries or giveaway prizes by having participants post, comment or like your contest page. A few examples of promotions you could run are as follows:

  • Q&A – Post a question related to your business and have contestants comment their answers below for a chance to win.
  • Photo or video – Posting and sharing photos for likes and comments for a chance to win.
  • Like to Win – Have contestants like a post for a chance to win, increase their chances by having them comment.

Facebook sets some restrictions on what you can and cannot do when operating a contest on their site. You are not allowed to inaccurately tag content or promote participants to tag themselves in photos that they are not in. You also cannot persuade participants to upload your cover to their personal timelines. Lastly, you must acknowledge to your participants that your promotion is not endorsed or associated with Facebook.

Twitter Game Promotion Guidelines: 

Twitter is another platform you can use to allow contestants to enter your promotion while boosting brand awareness. Here are some examples that you may find useful:

  • Hashtag – Have contestants tweet a particular hashtag chosen by you for a chance to win or receive an entry into your contest.
  • Follow and Retweet – Ask contestants to retweet or follow you for a chance to win, you can also ask them to @mention you so you will be able to see all of their entries.
  • Email Submission – Post a link to a landing page where contestants can submit their email address and receive additional entries into your contest.

Twitter discourages users from creating multiple accounts to enter contests and those users are liable to having their accounts suspended. Therefore you must indicate in your rules that multiple accounts to enter will be deemed ineligible. You must also avoid posting duplicate or near duplicate tweets as this is a Twitter violation and followers may become annoyed by your contest. Furthermore, hashtag topics need to be relevant and efficient.

Instagram Game Promotion Guidelines:

With millions of active users and posts per day, another platform to engage your customers and gain interest in potentially new customers is through Instagram. Here are some simple ideas that have been commonly used as effective promotions:

  •  Like to Win – Ask contestants to like your post and draw a random winner from all eligible entries, then notify your winner with a @mention or direct message. You can also use hashtags in your post to spread the word about the contest.
  • Photo or Video – Have your contestants post a photo or video about your brand with a specific hashtag.
  • Creative Caption – Post an image and have contestants comment a creative caption for a chance to win.

Instagram has similar restrictions to Facebook as you cannot inaccurately tag content or encourage participants to inaccurately tag content. You must also acknowledge that the promotion is not sponsored or affiliated with Instagram. You should also communicate to your participants the official rules and eligibility requirements of your contest.

Snapchat Game Promotion Guidelines: 

If you are going to use Snapchat to run your promotion you may want to consider using other platforms to promote your contest. Snapchat can be quite useful if you want to target a younger audience. Here are some useful promotions you could try:

  • Screenshot Entries – Ask contestants to screenshot your post and send the image to you for a chance to win a prize. You could also reward the first set number of users who screenshot your post to create a sense of urgency and encourage users to check your story more often.
  • Direct Reply – Have contestants directly reply to a post on your story with why they enjoy your product or service for a chance to win. Then select a random winner from all eligible entries you receive.
  • Story Coupons– Post coupons on your story and have contestants screenshot the post to redeem in store. But be sure to account for the users sharing the coupon with others. Set time limits and include codes to create authenticity. You could also send unique coupons directly to contestants.

Similarly to other platforms you must provide official rules for your promotion and release Snapchat from all claims related to your promotion. Overall, you cannot promote spam behavior such as asking contestants to send Snaps to their friends.

Remember that the biggest return on investment from using social media to operate your promotion is the acquisition of leads you can turn into customers. In order to make sure you are targeting people who are genuinely interested in your brand is to give away prizes that you sell or can be redeemed by your business. Also note that you may not be able to sell your business to every contestant but if you can get them to give you their information, you may be able to sell to them later.

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